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Welcome to PTI Sialkot.

"All our national life stooges of the past and present colonial masters have led us. Their contribution has been merely to mortgage our children's future and short change our dignity by making compromises under the guise of the much-abused supreme national interest."

Our Ideology

As a nation we cannot progress as long as our economy depends on handouts from international lenders and donors. The policies of international lenders have strangulated the capacity of the ordinary citizen to live a life of dignity. We must strive for self-reliance. The goal of self-reliance does not in any way imply that we isolate ourselves from the global economy. It only shows our conviction that by restoring the trust of the people in public institutions we can harness their potential and mobilize them for a better tomorrow.

We offer a new and credible leadership that is committed to restoring Pakistan's political and economic sovereignty by building a new bond of trust between the government and the people. Only through the active participation of the people can we collectively mobilize our human and material resources to forge ahead on the road to a confident and self-reliant nation.

We are committed to political stability through credible democracy, transparency in government and accountability of leadership. We believe in federalism and functional autonomy to the provinces.

We strive a moderate society that banishes hatred and religious bigotry. We are focused on addressing the root causes of religious extremism, which are injustice, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy while Islam and the Two-Nation Theory remain the bedrock of Pakistan's foundations, religious dogma must not be used to whip up passions to create fear in society. On the contrary, a truly Islamic society advocates tolerance, moderation and freedom to practice the religion of one's choice without fear. Sectarianism is a curse that must be eliminated from society.

Our family values bind society. We must preserve and strengthen them, as they are our strengths for the future. Despite the grinding poverty and injustice, it is the structure of the family that keeps the social fabric intact. Mere passing laws do not change ground realities that force parents to send their children to work. We cannot ignore the present dismal of the children in terms of their right to healthcare, nutrition, and education. Our mothers need to be healthy and educated to properly nurture our young.

An Islamic Society must care for its senior citizens who are most vulnerable. They need special attention and care as not only are they vulnerable, but also most valuable and yet most neglected part of society.

Pakistan is a great experiment in nurturing and sustaining political unity among diverse people based on common ideology. Despite the common strands of national unity, we have rich and diverse cultures, including those of the religious minorities. Cultural and ethnic diversity doesn't bring discord but makes our society rich and tolerant. We must nurture and allow every opportunity for this diversity of culture and traditions to flourish.

Our Mission

To establish a just society based on humane values while continuously upholding the self-esteem of the nation. The PTI will restore the sovereign and inalienable right of the people to choose political and economic options in accordance with our social, cultural, and religious values. We are broad-based movement for change whose mission is to create a free society based on justice. We know that national renewal is only possible if people are truly free.

Our leadership approaches the people with sincerity and a sense of history and we pledge to commitment to:

  • Freedom from Political, Economic and Mental Slavery - A self reliant modern Islamic Republic
  • Freedom from Injustice - Inexpensive and quick dispensation of justice
  • Freedom from Poverty - 50 percent increase in per capita income in 5 years
  • Freedom from Unemployment - Two million new jobs every year
  • Freedom from Homelessness - 2.0 lac new housing units every year and complete ownership right to millions living in Katchi Abadis
  • Freedom from Illiteracy - Full literacy in 5 years
  • Freedom to Generate Wealth
  • Freedom from Fear - Complete Freedom of thought and expression
  • Freedom for Women - Free education up to Matric for girls from poor households.
  • Equal right for minorities - no religious discrimination



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